Candle Magic For Beginners

What IS Candle Magic?


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Most people associate the word Magic with creating a special spell to retrieve a lost love or find financial success.  But you might be surprised to learn that you have been practicing Candle Magic since you blew out the candles on your first birthday cake!  Yes, that simple, little wish was your first foray into magic.

Do you decorate your dinner party table with candles?  Do you light candles to set a romantic mood in the bedroom?  Do you light candles to add a warm glow while you relax in the bath?

All of these are forms of candle magic!  You’re using candles to alter the mood or the atmosphere.  And you didn’t even know it, did you?!

Magic is the art of achieving a desired result by the use of certain mysterious techniques, such as spells and rituals.  One of the simplest techniques, and easiest for beginning practioners of magic, is Candle Magic.

Advantages Of Using Candle Magic

  • The rituals are simple yet effective
  • The costs are minimal and the props can be made or bought anywhere
  • There is no need for special robes or intricate ceremonies
  • The rituals can be performed anywhere, indoors or out
  • There is no need for years of training; you can start right away and experience results immediately!

Candle Magic Is Very Versatile

You can use candles in rituals to achieve all sorts of results -

  • Attract a new love
  • Retrieve an old love
  • Attract money
  • Protect yourself, your loved ones or your home
  • Repel unwanted suitors
  • Repel bad luck
  • And Many More….!

Candles create such warmth and light and feelings of joy and happiness!  When you gaze into a candle flame, how can you help but have magical thoughts.

Roman Catholic, Russian Orthodox and Greek Orthodox churches all burn candles when making requests.  Pagans also burn candles for the same reasons.  In fact, candle magic has been used by people of all religions and of no religion to effect change and make wishes come true.

Simply burning candles, however, is different from burning candles to attain a desired result.  Candles that are burned with a specific aim in mind become powerful tools of magic.  The candle is solid matter that is transmuted into spirit as it burns.  This, coupled with intent, creates incredibly powerful magic.

Candle magic should be used only for good.  Any good deeds you do will build up a store of good, or positive, Karma.  Conversely, bad deeds will build up bad Karma.  You never want to use Magic to perform bad or harmful deeds.

Factors Involved In Candle Magic

  • You must have a specific aim, desire or need in mind and you need to remain focused on your goal while performing the rituals
  • As in all types of magic, there needs to be an emotional involvement
  • You have to choose the correct candle or candles
  • You must dress the candle
  • You must consecrate the candle
  • You must burn the candle in a ritual or ceremony
  • You must believe in the power of your magic and wait expectantly for the result

Make Your Wishes Come True

In Candle Magic for Beginners: The Simplest Magic You Can Do you’ll learn how to start making all your wishes come true immediately with candle magic.  You’ll learn how to perform spells, rituals and divinations to gain luck, love, prosperity, protection, healing and happiness.

You’ll also learn useful tips to help you get the best results possible:

  • What kinds of candles to use
  • Candle maintenance and preparation
  • The best times for magic
  • How to make your own candles

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